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Ahlulbayt Directory Online
Ithna Asheri
Al-Mahdi Institute - Birmingham
The Al-Mahdi institute would like to lend its support to the Ahlulbauyt Directory for all its present and future projects.
We wish them every success possible in all their endeavours towards humanitarian services.

Husaini Channel - India
Salam Alaikoom, So many websites I have seen, many websites all over the world but there are some who think good and some the best. In my thinking "The AhlulBayt Directory" is one of the best thinking that anyone could have thought. This thing is making the information available to those people who live life in western Countries. In this way "The AhlulBayt Directory" is also serving the Shiate. We are with them and will be always with them. InshaAllah by the Grace of Allah (j.j) and 14 Infalibilities A.s Will have great Success! JazakAllah!

Al Khoei Foundation - London
The Ahlul Bayt Directory is an incredibly innovative resource which we are proud and delighted to be involved with. We look forward to working with the Directory and making use of its highly original interactive website. The Directory is a genuine effort that will prove to be a powerful communications tool for the entire community.  ...more

Shia Muslim Council Interim Working Committee
 Indeed, any effort to unite the Shia is commendable, and therefore the interim committee is honoured to offer its full support to your endeavours. I look forward to working with you in the near future, so that together we may be able to path a new horizon for the future of the Shia in the United Kingdom.  ...more

AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM)
Firstly, on behalf of the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM), I would like to congratulate you on a very well presented and useful website that will insha'Allah serve the community well. It represents a milestone in the progress of the Shia community in Britain. 


Islamic Unity Society
The website for the AhlulBayt Directory is probably nothing short of fantastic and the fact they've managed to achieve that is no small feat. It not only manages to list all the shia events in the UK, with links to all UK based organisations, but even has a section on a'lims in the UK with brief biographies.  ...more

Imamia Mission London

The AhlulBayt Directory online is a very much needed community portal, A UK Shia directory is something community leaders and members have thought about for a number of y


Masjid-Al-Husayn / The Behlool Society - Leicester
Alhamdulillah, we would like to thank you for creating such a professional web layout in which Shiasm can unite as one group. Ahlul Bayt Directory is not only going to help Muslim or in particular Shiaismin the West, it will help Non Muslims throughout the world


Hussaini Islamic Mission - Wolverhampton
First of all on behalf of Hussaini Islamic Mission, we congratulate the AhlulBayt Directory for providing a platform from which the UK Shia community can promote and communicate, activties to our wider Shia community.  ...more

Sakina Trust (UK) - London
We, at The Sakina Trust, would like to thank you very much for setting up a wonderful website for us. Your time and efforts hat you have contributed towards this project can only be rewarded by Allah (SWT)..  ...more

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