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Ithna Asheri
AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM)

Salaamu Alaikum
Insha'Allah this email reaches you in the best of health.
Firstly, on behalf of the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM), I would like to congratulate you on a very well presented and useful website that will insha'Allah serve the community well. It represents a milestone in the progress of the Shia community in Britain.
I write to ask that you please include AIM in your organisation listings. AIM is a leading Islamic organisation empowering Muslims through education, identity building and political activism. In addition would it be possible to add a banner for AIM along with the other banners on your esteemed website. The banner is attached.
If you require any assistance from us please do get in touch.
Wasalaamu Alaikum
Samir Al-Haidari.
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