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Ahlulbayt Directory Online
Ithna Asheri
Husaini Channel - India

Salam Alaikoom, So many websites I have seen, many websites all over the world but there are some who think good and some the best. In my thinking "The AhlulBayt Directory" is one of the best thinking that anyone could have thought. This thing is making the information available to those people who live life in western Countries. In this way "The AhlulBayt Directory" is also serving the Shiate. We are with them and will be always with them. InshaAllah by the Grace of Allah (j.j) and 14 Infalibilities A.s Will have great Success! JazakAllah! Saiyed Asad Abbas Rizvi 41 SatyaPuram Colony, Balaganj, Hardoi Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India-226003 Ph:+91-9889717554
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