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Hussaini Islamic Mission - Wolverhampton

Hussaini Islamic Mission
283 Newhampton Road,
Dear Ahlul Bayt Directory Team

As Salaamu ?Alaikum
RE:  Letter of Support on Behalf of Ali Mosque(Reg Charity No. 1041954
First of all on behalf of Hussaini Islamic Mission, we congratulate the AhlulBayt Directory for providing a platform from which the UK Shia community can promote and communicate, activties to our wider Shia community. It is truly a fantastic communication facility.
Moreover, I would like extend our thanks for providing this facility( our personal website) for our organisation. We are very greatfull that we can use your service as a means of promoting our programmes within the commnuity. Building a website takes a lot of time and uses lots of resources, which was saved by yourselfs.

With your help, we can now promote and communicate with our community more effectively and efficiently.

Allah is enough to give reward those who work for Him and for His Masoomeen.


Thank you again.


Kind Regards,


Nasir Abbas


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