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The Behlool Society


Duxbury Road









Dear Ahlul Bayt Directory Team


As Salaamu ?Alaikum



RE:  Letter of Support on Behalf of Masjid-Al-Husayn (a.s) and The Behlool Society



The Behlool Society is a continuous Islamic Education Programme, which dedicates itself to providing a continuing Islamic education programme. The initiative includes the organisation of a variety of activities and events for the youth including lectures, seminars and charity functions. The Behlool Society caters for the needs of 15-30 year olds around the UK both Muslim and non-Muslim. Most recently we were short listed for an award at The Muslim news Awards for excellence in Community development for our national youth conferences, which encourage debate and our work with the British Red cross and Leicester Night Shelter.



Ahlul Bayt Directory is not only going to help Muslims or in particular Shiasm in the West, it will help Non Muslims throughout the world or in particular, the United Kingdom. Alhamdulillah, we would like to thank you for creating such a professional web layout in which Shiasm can unite as one group.



May Allah (swt) grant you the strength and the ability to continue to work in this world of Allah and in the hereafter (Ameen).






Iltemase Du?a


Hasnein Rajani


(Secretary, The Behlool Society)

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