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Newsletter April 2007 ? Rabi?al Akhar 1428

Posted Date: Tuesday 22 May 2007 - 15:14:00

  The Lady F?temah (a.s.) Charitable Trust

September Lodge, Village Way, Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, HP7 9PU




Newsletter April 2007 ? Rabi?al Akhar 1428


As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah


Bismillahi rahmaani raheem
Welcome to our April newsletter, and again it has been a busy month with numerous new projects being commenced. As always we thank you for your continued commitment and support, without which our work would not be possible. May all your kindness be rewarded.
The reward of goodness is nothing but goodness
(Surah Rahman Ch 55: 60)

Charity Gala Dinner: Tickets for this year?s gala dinner on the 12th May at The London Marriott Heathrow Hotel have sold out. However, you can bid for an exclusive auction item including a signed 2002 England cricket squad bat and an autographed Manchester United print (one of 300 in the world) by Andy Cole. Bidding available online.




Milking Buffalo Project: In continuation of LFT?s program to distribute milking cows to needy families in and around the Iraqi city of Basrah, a further three families with a total of 25 members, 21 of whom are children, received a milking cow in February and March 2007. This time two of the beneficiaries are women heading their families, while the third is a 55-year-old man who lost his right arm. Read More
Water Tank Project, Basra: In the third phase of LFT?s ongoing project of distributing freshwater tanks to needy families in Basrah, another three families received a tank holding 2000 litres of fresh, clean, potable water as well as a stand, hosing and an initial fill-up. For the first time, a woman heading her family is among the 23 beneficiaries. In addition to providing an income to the families, the water tanks also benefit the community at large, providing clean water and thereby limiting water borne diseases. Read More
Orphancare: 70 orphans are currently being supported in Karbala at ?15.00 per month. This project will cost ?4,200.00 from May to August 2007. Please help us take care of these children.

?         Medical Referral Program: The focus of this program is to restore the health of patients so that they can continue to lead a normal life, care for their families and build their country. Ranging from rehabilitation including providing glasses, to treatment of cancer, the common denominator is to give hope and improve lives. In March, 99 patients were treated on the MRP bringing the total to 1,456 since it began in October 2005. Read More


?         Education: US$ 3,025.00 was transferred to the PADC, an organization caring for the disabled in Lebanon, for educational requirements for the 64 children with special needs we are supporting. Read More
US$ 1,345.00 was transferred to help support a university student for her 6-monthly fees and accommodation. She is currently studying pharmacy, and her diabetic father was financing her education; he often did not take his medication to save money for his daughter?s studies. However, due to his illness, he can no longer earn his living as a taxi driver as he has become blind. Read More
Microfinance: The Trust recently received an appeal from our partner organisation PADC in Lebanon, from a Sayyed father who has 5 children, the youngest of whom needs a heart operation. In order for him to become self-sufficient and earn a living as a plumber, he required equipment costing US$ 1,620.30, which the Trust funded. Read More
US$ 1,150.00 was also transferred to assist a sadaat lady, who is single and looking after her elderly parents and sister. She has a clothes shop, and the money has been used to purchase stock for her shop and help build her business.
A 24 year old widow was also supported this month, whose husband was killed in Beirut during the last war. She has two small children, 2 and 4 years old, and they are currently surviving on gifts from people. She wants to study for a course, and thus support her family.
Two further microfinance appeals have been received by the Trust. One appeal is to set up a workshop for 8 handicapped ladies, to provide bridal and baby shower souvenirs, and also flower arrangements. The locals prefer to buy from them rather than regular shops. The cost of this project is US$ 2,500.00. The other appeal is for a sadaat family with 2 young children of 7 and 3 years. Both children require physiotherapy, the older one having cerebral palsy. The father has an aluminium shop, which requires financial investment to help increase the business.

Healthcare: Following the war in Lebanon last July, many unexploded bombs litter the landscape only to be picked up by unsuspecting, innocent people. This happened to one such victim, whose job was to collect scrap iron that he would then sell to traders to feed his family. Nine persons depended on him, including his wife, seven children and his aged mother-in-law. Thankfully he survived, but sustained extensive injuries and requires US$ 4,800.00 for an external fixation needed to save the right leg. This was transferred last month to allow the surgery to be undertaken. The Trust would like to thank you for all your support and at the same time ask for more donations because sadly countless victims still require care. Please help us assist them. Read More

US$ 1,190.00 was transferred to cover the cost of surgery to extract an acutely inflamed intestine for a patient at Nabatieh Govt Hospital. The 22-year-old was suffering severely. He has no father to support him and his mother is elderly and infirm.

The Trust follows the progress of every child supported under the education scheme. We are pleased to update you with the progress of each of the 40 children at the Elite Educational Trust, for the period ending March 2007. Read More
16,275.00 Rs was transferd to a college in India to meet the balance of course fees for an IT student whose father could not meet the payments.
A geological survey is underway for the provision of a water well in an area where there is an acute shortage of water.

?          Healthcare: Tumbato is small island on the northern tip of Zanzibar accessible only by boat. Opticians from our partner group visited the island during our latest eye camp. Twenty patients were diagnosed with mature cataracts and were brought back by boat to the mainland, then ferried by minibus to the Zanzibar Al Rahma Hospital for their operations. One patient said "I always dreamt that someone would come all the way to assist me, and now you are here." A total of 75 eyes were operated upon during the weekend of March 25th, of which The Trust sponsored 30. Read More



?         A sewing machine was purchased for a deserving lady in the Philippines, to earn money and support her family in keeping with the ethos of the Trust.


United Kingdom:

GB? 550.03 was also sent to assist a widow purchase a laptop, printer and software for her studies at university.

Ahlam-Al Jadid:

?         The Trust would sincerely like to congratulate Miqdad and Raihanna Khalfan who recently got married, and requested for their wedding gifts to be donated to charity. One of the charities they specified as recipients was the Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust.


?         The Lady Fatemah Trust has been granted Ijaaza by Ayatollah al-Uzma Seyed Ali Seestani to collect Khums money. Please remember we operate on the basis of ZERO% administration costs, so every penny you give goes directly to those in need.

Islamic Humanitarian Service:

?          The Trust has entered into an agreement with Islamic Humanitarian Service in Ontario to enable Canadian Citizens to donate to the Trust via a local Charity at ZERO% admin cost. Please contact us for further information. We sincerely thank I.H.S.


Give As You Earn:
This is the UK's largest payroll giving scheme and is administered by CAF (Charities Aid Foundation). Any employee or pensioner paid under PAYE can donate to a charitable organization in the UK. The Trust has now been set up to receive GAYE donations, and our reference number is GYE 458449.

To make a regular donation by standing order, please download a mandate from the website or contact us and we will send one to you. You can make a donation by using our secure on-line payment facility at


Please remember that completing a Gift Aid form substantially boosts your donation by 28% if you are a UK taxpayer.


Thank you, as always for all your generosity and support, without which our work would not be possible.


Yours sincerely,

Shabir R Jagani

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Tel: +44 (0) 7946 588 392


Tel +44 (0) 1494 762 063, Email, Fax +44 (0) 1494 762 286,
Mobile +44 (0) 7798 76 10 20, Fax +44 (0) 7798 76 90 30


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