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Invitation to the Lady F?temah Charitable Trust Gala Dinner 2007 ? 10th Year Anniversary

Posted Date: Wednesday 14 February 2007 - 13:21:24

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Dear Brother Ukera - salaamun ?alaykum


Re: Invitation to the Lady F?temah Charitable Trust Gala Dinner 2007 ? 10th Year Anniversary


On behalf of the Board of Trustees I would like to request the pleasure of your company at our forthcoming gala dinner to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Lady F?temah Charitable Trust.


The Lady F?temah Charitable Trust (LFT) is a UK based charity entirely dedicated to humanitarian work. Founded in 1997, the vision the Trust is to empower impoverished people around the world by generating self-sufficiency and ensuring a sustainable solution to poverty. The guiding value behind LFT?s activities is to enable people to regain their sense of initiative and self respect, thus enabling them to take economic initiatives. Therefore, many of our projects aim at providing skills training or microfinance. For instance, one of the ongoing programmes is to provide impoverished women, who otherwise have no means of maintaining themselves and their families, with sewing machines. Small tailoring businesses were thus created, which have contributed meaningfully to economic empowerment of impoverished women, especially in India.


These and similar projects allow destitute individuals to access capital and makes them economically independent. The bulk of LFT?s activities are conducted in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Over the last two years charitable eye clinics have been established in the Iraqi towns of Karbala and Basra.  This project was generously supported by UK opticians, including companies such as Spec Savers. LFT?s activities in the UK mainly centre around funding cancer treatment and supporting individuals in hardship.


The aim of the Gala Dinner 2007 is to generate wider awareness of the work of the Trust.  It will be focused around micro-finance initiatives in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  The date is scheduled for Saturday 12 May 2007, at the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel, commencing at 6.30pm.  We intend to invite five hundred professionals from across the British Muslim communities and the wider community. In addition, we hope that members of Parliament, members of the House of Lords, as well as dignitaries from various faiths will honour us with their participation.  The evening will consist of dinner, some information on the activities of the Trust, a key note speech from Rageh Omar, formerly of the BBC and now at Al Jazeera.  The program will conclude with a comedy sketch from the famous American Muslim comedian Preacher Moss.  We hope that together we can create an evening of inspiration and entertainment.


Since we were over subscribed at the Gala Dinner 2006, I take this opportunity to email you in advance so as to enable you to book and pay online for the tickets now.  The value of the ticket will remain the same as last year at ?50 per person, with the exception that we request ?60 per ticket so we can include 5 prize draw tickets as well.


We would be grateful if you could join us for these special tenth anniversary celebrations.  Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to meeting you in the near future.


Yours sincerely

Amirali Karim

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The Lady Fatemah (a.s.) Charitable Trust


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