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Ithna Asheri
Friday, 19th July 2024

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We are pleased to announce the compilation of a comprehensive database of Shia Organisations & personalities in Great Britain.

The AhlulBayt Directory will be the principal resource and essential guide to Shia Muslim Organisations & Services for approximately 300, 000 strong Shia Muslim Communities residing in the UK.

This unique presentation in its infancy is proving to be a constant source of reference and assistance to countless individuals, Organisations and Institutions. Based on a deep sense of community, enterprise, integrity and ethics, the Ahlulbayt Directory hopes to be an established feature in all Shia Muslim households.

The ABDUK was initiated by a group of young visionaries, who felt there was a need for a consistent, comprehensive and dynamic Shia community resource.

The ultimate objective of which being to empower, strengthen and network the community in its, religious, social, economic and political contexts.

Through sheer dedication, perseverance and with the unwavering support of all sections of the Shia Muslim Communities, the Ahlulbayt Directory is established online today.

The Ahlulbayt Directory Online offers a selection of community specific search facilities and information which we hope you find useful.

Moreover we have also established a speakers database, in order to provide a window to anyone wanting an accessible route to essential information about Shi?a Religious personalities and public speakers (including Youth A'alims).

This will allows us to showcase the hard work and great lengths they have gone to, to facilitate the educational needs of our community, moreover, it will also provide an insight on Shia Community Leaders, Scholars and Youth A'alims we have in the United Kingdom.

In addition to the directory information, ABDUK also offers a host of addtional FREE community services:

- A UK Shia Community Communications Centre ? displaying up-to-date information regards ALL Shia community events and activities from across the UK.

Web infrastructure to Islamic Centres in the UK ? with information management & support services ? we are currently both hosting and managing 20 websites for Islamic centre in the UK which we have created.

- Speakers booking services ? putting organisations in touch with speakers ? we hold the largest, comprehensive database of Shia Community Speakers ? (Note: The Ahlulbayt directory project is a non profit organisation.)

ABDUK Team will endeavour in its pursuit to enhance and improve the Ahlulbayt Directory year on year, whilst also catering for and providing research, internet, marketing and data services to the community at large.

Please contact us if you have any enquires.