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Hujjatul Islam wa'l-Muslemin Abdolhossein Moezi at the Meeting of Religious Leaders

Posted Date: Wednesday 16 May 2007 - 13:23:59

A Shi'ite Muslim Contribution


Debate on Europe?s Common Values

English Translation of Comments by

Hujjatul Islam wa'l-Muslemin Abdolhossein Moezi

Director of Islamic Centre of England


at the Meeting of Religious Leaders

in Brussels

15th of May 2007

(Organised by European Commission)

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful Your Excellencies, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a distinct honor and a great pleasure to attend today?s event in which the religious leaders in Europe have gathered to utilise the teachings of their religions to discuss and debate how to build a Europe based on human dignity.

Here I wish to offer my deepest gratitude to:

Her Excellency Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and current President of the European Council,

, Chancellor of Germany and current President of the European Council,

His Excellency Hans-Gert P?ttering, President of European Parliament

, President of European Parliament


His Excellency Jos? Manuel Dur?o Barroso. President of the European Commission

President of the European Commission

for having envisioned this gathering.

I pray to God Almighty that this gathering will have auspicious outcomes not only for European man but also for all other members of human community.

Due to time constraint, I will briefly make the following points:

Since all religions are, in essence, one and the same, they can have fruitful and beneficial dialogues in an atmosphere of sincerity, patience and mutual tolerance.

Islam invites the followers of other religions to dialogue and has instructed Muslims to listen to opinions and judgements of others and follow the best among them.

In my opinion, using sound and proper interpretations of God?s Words and the teachings of the prophets about the formation of man?s character, religions can play a fundamental role and this can be achieved in such a way that human dignity will be honoured while the acquired virtues of man will be augmented, so that under the effusion of such dignity, the road to achieving human dreams and actualising human ideals will be further paved.

All divine religions believe in human dignity. Regardless of gender, race, language, nationality and other characteristics, Islam greatly cherishes the dignity of man and considers his dignity as a natural and essential quality of him. This is due to the fact that God has blessed the human being with such assets as reason and free will.

According to Islam, a human being can enhance his dignity through proper actions and morals, while he can endanger his own dignity and honour through engaging in improper deeds and failure in observing moral values.

Islam suggests that to safeguard the essential dignity of man and to perfect it, we would need to provide positive answers to all his material and spiritual needs. If we respond to only one of many aspects of his existence, and consequently allow him to grow and expand only in one field, he will emerge as a one-dimensional being who does not honour his dignity and will lose many virtues that he really deserves.

Therefore, Islam contends that a happy and dignified human being is one who has been brought up in an environment where a holistic approach is adopted towards man, an environment where balanced responses are provided for all his needs. One-dimensional approach to human needs has had deleterious effects on human personality and integrity. The harms done by such approach are either irrevocable or will have long lasting effects.

Especially after the Second World War, Europe has taken great strides towards development and progress, prosperity and comfort of its people; it has worked indefatigably to reach the point where it is today. But one must confess that during these years, while striving towards the above aims, most of the attention and resources have been directed towards material aspect of European man, and the other aspect i.e. his spiritual and moral character has been largely forsaken.

No one would disagree with the fact that to achieve a happy life, the individual rights of human beings should be respected and honoured. However, a lopsided and extremist emphasis on individual rights of members of society not only fails to bring about happiness but also endangers many noble human values.

For instance, today it is not possible to deny the tragic blows inflicted on human dignity in the modern societies as a result of weakening of the institution of family. The victims of such tragedy are children, teenagers, mothers and the elderly. Undoubtedly the unbalanced approach to individual?s rights is one of the important factors in the increasing breakdown of family values which we are witnessing everyday.

However, if we approach man from a holistic perspective, and respond equally to all his spiritual and moral needs, it will definitely result in promotion and institutionalisation of human dignity.

Is it possible to intensify the dialogue between cultures and religions through commonly shared values?

My response to this question is positive. But attention to commonly shared values should not lead to disregard for the values of other religions in Europe, especially those of a minority such as Muslim community, or denigration of their values.

In conclusion, I would urge the European Commission to encourage its member states to always take into account the positive and constructive role of religion in building a society based on human dignity and in expansion of dialogue among culture.

, Chancellor of Germany and current President of the European Council,, President of European Parliament President of the European Commission


, Chancellor of Germany and current President of the European Council,, President of European Parliament President of the European Commission


,, Chancellor of Germany and current President of the European Council,, President of European Parliament President of the European Commission

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