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Ithna Asheri
Gaza Crisis: The Community Response

Posted Date: Monday 05 January 2009 - 04:54:12
Event Date: Monday 05 January 2009 - 00:00:00
Language: English
Gaza Crisis: The Community Response E-mail
With the horrific scenes being witnessed in Gaza , it is essential for us as Muslims to do all we can to help the Palestinian people and the people of the Middle East. Since the crisis began, The Council of European Jamaat has through the offices of The World Federation has been identifying methods in which our community can make an impact.

COEJ We are working with The World Federation and the Muslim Council of Britain in communicating with the UK Government to raise our concerns.

From the many activities which we can do, let us: 


  • Join peaceful protests which are taking place in your local regions, and let your voice be heard
  • Write, call and meet your Member of Parliament, or local government representative. UK residents can find out who their MP is by visiting
  • Educate through writing articles, and taking part in television, radio and online discussion forums. You can find some letter-writing tips here:
  • Call government departments and voice your opinions
  • Pray for them. This is essential and we have the opportunity to do this during the Holy Month of Muharram. In particular at times of crisis our Aimmah have suggested the recitation of Dua-e-Jawshane Sagheer, which helps take away such problems.


The President of The Council of European Jamaats, Al Haj Munawer Rattansey state: ?Let us remembers the innocent victims of this massacre and their families. We need to ensure that we voice our concern in peaceful means and let our Governments know of our concerns on the plight of the people of Palestine. We pray to Allah (SWT) through the intercession of our holy infallibles to bring peace in the region.?

The President of The World Federation,  Dr Ahmed Hassam stated: ?Let us pray for the people of the Middle East in their hour of desperate need. We need to take this opportune time to voice our opinions peacefully and in a manner which is befitting for those that follow the Madhab of the Ahlul Bayt. We pray for a quick restoration of peace to the region, an end to the conflict and for prosperity for all, inshAllah.?


As we are all aware, limited aid is currently reaching the Palestinian people due to blockages. The World Federation is currently working with other NGOs to identify the situation on the ground, and will keep you informed on this as and when reports are available. 


At present, even quasi-governmental organizations are unable to operate and do not have access to the area. We are identifying suitable partners who will be able to effectively deliver in humanitarian work, and will keep the community informed accordingly.?


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