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Muharram 1430 lectures with Sheikh Arif @ Birmingham

Posted Date: Tuesday 30 December 2008 - 01:14:13
Event Date: Tuesday 30 December 2008 - 00:00:00
Language: Urdu & English
Muharram 1430 lectures with Sheikh Arif

Muharram 1430
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Urdu Majlis by Maulana Sadiq Hassan

English Majlis by Sheikh Arif Abdul Hussein



"Human Islam"

Click for the synopsis of the lectures

'Human Islam' Synopsis

The discussions on the theme of ?Human Islam? will be approached from two angles simultaneously: the general and the specific. The general will look at the nature of observable existence as a whole and from it will arrive at a sense of purpose generally. This will be the basis through which we will gain an understanding of human purpose. Once we have an appreciation of human purpose we will work towards an understanding of religions and particularly Islam in terms of the attainment of such a purpose. In the course of the discussions we will point at key areas of human Islam such as the compatibility of human condition and religion. We will also look at areas of conflict between religion and human condition and possible resolution of this conflict through the theory of human Islam.

The specific dimension of Human Islam will look at personal development of an individual through the paradigm of Imam al-Husayn. It will focus on the true meaning of the denial of other than God at a fundamental individual human that allows for self realisation. We will look closely at the personal journey of the Imam and seek to demonstrate through his statements and supplications that his opposition against an unjust social and political system was primarily his struggle for personal liberation.

Basic Outline

The topic will be covered in two sections simultaneously-

1-    General Discussions on the nature of Human Islam
2-    Specific Spiritual Dimension of Human Islam in the context of Imam al-Husayn (as) (self realisation)

The General debate will be covering themes such as-

The Evolutionary Nature of observable existence including human beings and our mindset to religion
The nature of religious teachings and role of the prophets in terms of human growth, does it stop with Islam?
The factors enabling growth such as liberation and autonomy
The Golden Rule of compatibility between human condition and religion
The great dilemma caused by incompatibility between human condition and religion
The incompatible worldview (the 12th Imam and the false interpretation of texts leading to negativity)
The ideal worldview inline with human purpose (the example of the Prophet God and the Prophet liberated human intellect)
Human purpose and the role of human Islam
The Golden principle of interpretation and possible resolution of conflict
The occultation of the 12th imam as a great mercy and the ideal status of Islam

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