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TitleSourceCityEvent DateLang.
Ramadan MubarakAdminUK21/08/09Arabic
English Lectures by Sheikh Usama Abdul GhaniMasjid-e-AliLuton19/08/09Urdu & English
Grand Event: THE ALLEGIANCE Birth of Imam Mahdi (as) - London - 16th August 2009AIMLondon16/08/09English
IUS programs: month of RamadanIUSLondon & Manchester15/08/09Arabic
YOUTH SUMMER CAMP 2009ISLAMIC THOUGHTPeterborough10/08/09Urdu & English
The Awaited SaviourAnjumane Zahra Youth NetworkBradford09/08/09Arabic
SHUHADA-E-ISLAM CONFERENCE:political and economical situation of shia community in pakistanIslamic Centre EnglandLondon02/08/09Urdu & English
Imam Mahdi SeminarLYZLondon01/08/09Urdu & English
Program: Birth of Imam Husayn (as) - Speaker, Seyyed Alireza RizviIslamic Centre EnglandLondon26/07/09Arabic
MT Event: Review of Family Life in Islam Sh. Fadhlallah HaeriMuhammadi TrustLondon26/07/09Arabic
Mawlood Imam Hussein and Al Abbas (AS) - 25/7/2009 With Sayed Ammar NakshawaniIUSLondon25/07/09English
Hawza style lecture on Tawheed by Sheikh Arif AbdulHusseinManchester Islamic InstituteLondon25/07/09English
Dars-e-Tafsir Quran Friday 24th: Time:8:00PM Before Maghribain PrayersSakina TrustLondon24/07/09Arabic & English
The Friday Night Project at Abrar centreIUSLondon24/07/09English
Summer Study Circle - Imamat & Ma'ad : 4 week courseIUSLondon22/07/09Arabic

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