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TitleSourceCityEvent DateLang.
Momineen (syria & Umra / Iran & Iraq), July & Aug 08 (Rajab & Sha'ban)Momineen TrustIran & Iraq08/06/08N/A
IUS - Summer Camp for 2008: DublinIslamic Unty SocietyDublin28/04/08English
Palestine Awareness DayIHRC Campaign Group LeicesterLeicester27/04/08English
Three Day English Majalis Commemorating the Martyrdom of Lady FatimaAdminLondon18/04/08English
Open Discussion, Iraq Five Years On: Way out ?Open DiscussionsLondon15/04/08English
MT EVENT: Discourses on Nahjul BalaghaMUHAMMADI TRUSTLondon13/04/08English
London Marathon in aid of Ansar Youth Project & Humanitarian Projects in IraqAnsar Youth ProjectLondon13/04/08N/A
seminar on Saturday the 12th of April entitled: Shariah?Outdated?Noor YouthLondon12/04/08English
MINAB Youth Consultation Event - London UKMINABLondon12/04/08N/A
Design Course IVCouncil of European JamaatsLondon06/04/08N/A
IUS Invites you to attend a day out at Alton TowersIUSManchester06/04/08Arabic
6th Islamic Thought Seminar @ ICE:ThePsychological Problems facing Musliim Youths in the WestIslamic Centre EnglandLondon06/04/08English
A special invitation: celebration, marking the Birthday occasion of Imam Hasen al-Askeri (AS)Ahlulbayt Cultural CentreLeeds05/04/08Arabic & English
Dars-e-Tafsir Quran : Every FridaySakina TrustLondon04/04/08Urdu & English
Dua Programme Tonight at 7pm: Special Guest Recitor of BahrainMasjid-e-AliLuton03/04/08Urdu & English

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